Waypoint Counselling is a company run by George Bielay and Anne Fuller. 

Research shows that having the right “fit” is the strongest predictor for success with a counsellor and sharing your challenges requires comfort, trust and a great connection. Fortunately, Waypoint Counselling is available for BC residents to help ensure those elements by helping make sure people find the right counsellor by doing careful matching through their network of skilled counsellors.

When people are wanting counselling, they are often in a tough place in their lives.  Asking for help is not easy….and finding the right counsellor should not be part of the stress and anxiety they feel.  The internet is very crowded with counselling services who claim to be the “right” and “perfect” one.

Waypoint helps people navigate this as they know their counsellors areas of expertise and how they work with clients. Once matched, Waypoint then follows up with clients to make sure that their counselling journey is going well and that they’ve indeed found the right fit.

Getting started in this business was very exciting but also very scary as George and Anne had never done anything like this. That said, as a clinical counsellor with 30 years experience, George was certain that people would appreciate the service and they jumped in feet first. He also felt the service would be particularly important here in BC as the industry is largely unregulated (and Waypoint works only with Masters level clinicians).

While it was challenging at first, their patient-first approach has served them well and they are growing quickly, something very impressive in what is becoming a competitive industry. Also, unlike their larger competitors, they maintain a personal process in matching their 24 counsellors, rather than relying on algorithms and “bots.”

George and Anne find that, next to patient outcomes, engaging with their network is the most rewarding part of their roles – a testament to the great team they have brought together.

You can check out Waypoint Counselling at: WaypointCounselling.ca

Read the details of our work with Waypoint here.

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