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There are two ways to approach Search marketing:

Search advertising is the fastest way to get clients although having at least basic SEO in place is critical to get visitors that are looking for your business and services.

Search Advertising

In short, Google search ads allow you to “cut to the front of the line” and appear in the first page search results. The catch is that it’s gotten very competitive so you need professional help to appear high on the page and to avoid wasting a big percentage of your budget on irrelevant searches.

As part of the PlusROI group of companies, we’re proud to be recognized as Google Premier Partners, which means Google considers us to be in the top 3% of Google agencies in the country.

Search Engine Optimization

If you’re not practicing at least baseline SEO, you’ll be missing out on traffic that is rightfully yours. This is particularly true when searches live or work nearby where your business is as Google dramatically favours businesses that are closer to the searcher, as long as you have things properly set up.

In the early days of SEO it was a very technical exercise that involved all sorts of trickery and complicated strategies. It’s much simpler these days and we’re here to help you get it all sorted out.

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Proud to be affiliated with PlusROI Online Marketing in the top 3% of Google Agencies in the country (as awarded by Google).

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