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Digital Marketing Must-Reads: April 2024

The most insightful online marketing posts we’ve read in the last few weeks. An Introduction to Google Tag Manager The more data we can gather when it comes to our sites, the better. Using Google Analytics is a great place to start, but using it alongside Google Tag Manager is even better! Angela Petteys goes over the basics of Google […]

Digital Marketing Must-Reads: March 2024

The most insightful online marketing posts we’ve read in the last few weeks. What Is a Pillar Page? SEO Content Pillars Explained One effective strategy to stand out is by leveraging pillar pages, which serve as comprehensive resources covering core topics. With these strategies from Brody Hall, you can enhance your SEO efforts, engage readers, boost rankings through internal linking, […]

What is a Brand Ad in Google Search & Why Might You Need One?

A Brand campaign is when you set up an ad to run in Google Search for when people search for your company name. If you’re lucky, your website might already show up first in Google Search when somebody searches your business name. In this case, there’s no particular need to run a Brand Campaign. However, in some cases like the […]

How To Spy On Your Competitors’ Search Ads

Curious to know if your competitors are running Search Ads and, if so, what they are saying in their ads? In 2023, Google launched their Ads Transparency Center at https://adstransparency.google.com To see your competitors’ ads, just go to the Transparency Center and paste anyone’s website URL or business name into the All Topics search field and you’ll quickly see if […]

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