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Client Snapshot: The Executors

Pick a niche and get really good at it. As an agency owner and instructor, I’ve literally given that piece of advice hundreds of times. However, I can count on one hand the number of companies who I’ve seen fully “execute” on that strategy. The Executors is one of those companies. Having seen the need in the market for a […]

Company Feature: Waypoint Counselling

Waypoint Counselling is a company run by George Bielay and Anne Fuller.  Research shows that having the right “fit” is the strongest predictor for success with a counsellor and sharing your challenges requires comfort, trust and a great connection. Fortunately, Waypoint Counselling is available for BC residents to help ensure those elements by helping make sure people find the right […]

Engagement Summary: Waypoint Counselling

The What Works team started working with Waypoint several years ago when we were still working as the JumpStart Web division of PlusROI Online Marketing.  It’s been an honour to watch them grow these past years, particularly as we overcame a few challenges along the way. Background: When Waypoint originally approached us they were still relatively new and didn’t have […]

Engagement Summary: Raintown Dog Training

While Raintown Dog Training excels at teaching “man’s best friends” they are also skilled learners and put a huge value on their own training. After graduating from the Alacrity Digital Marketing Boot Camp they came to us for additional help in further refining their Google Advertising and advanced SEO. Background: As a startup company breaking into an established industry, Kris […]

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