Rob Cooper

What Works was founded with the mission of helping owner-run local services businesses profitably beat larger competitors.

Traditional marketing is mostly based on what works for big corporations, but this doesn’t do much for small businesses. With this in mind, we’ve put marketing offerings together that are highly effective for small businesses.

As well, we’ve created the What Works Academy to help empower businesess to succeed with the marketing areas they work on internally.

Unlike, traditional training programs, the What Works Academy ignores the hundreds of things you “could” do and focuses on the subset of areas that will actually make a difference for your service business.

Carmen Herdzik

What Works is brand new in 2022 but is based on the lessons learned by Rob (founder) and Carmen (VP Operations) as they launched and grew the JumpStart Web division of PlusROI Online Marketing Inc (which Rob also founded).

We love working with founder-run service businesses where we can see how the impact of our work contributes positively to the businesses and the families involved in them.

We’re proud to be officially launching What Works in September 2022 and are building it to be second to none in the world when it comes to the ROI on our services and the value of our education for small service businesses.

Rob started his career in the ultra-competitive field of downloadable online software in 2001 and brings the same “end to end” tracking principles to local business marketing.
Rob manages company strategy and appears in a LOT of What Works videos.
Carmen is a Google Certified ads strategist who manages accounts and operations at What Works. She’s got 5 years under her belt managing the website and search marketing efforts for a large portfolio of local business clients.
With a meticulous approach, Carmen leads our web development and search marketing efforts and oversees operations.

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