While Raintown Dog Training excels at teaching “man’s best friends” they are also skilled learners and put a huge value on their own training.

After graduating from the Alacrity Digital Marketing Boot Camp they came to us for additional help in further refining their Google Advertising and advanced SEO.


  • As a startup company breaking into an established industry, Kris (Raintown founder) was looking for ways to grow her business as well as figure out how to compete against more established businesses.

Client Goal:

  • Find ways of filling unbooked spots in their programs while also building a solid platform for long term growth through Search.

What Works Strategy:

  • Leverage Google Search Ads to generate bookings by targeting those in the market for training right now.
  • Identify competitive SEO areas where Raintown can “win” against the established competition and gradually build “free” traffic over time.
  • Recruit Kris as our first “coached” Academy student to help her leverage her already significant web marketing knowledge and help her with her DIY efforts through monthly meetings & homework (monthly coaching services will be available soon to the public – contact us if you’d like to be on a waitlist).


  • Kris has been gaining new training clients through her Search ads – so much so that ads for certain programs have to get paused when the programs fill up.
  • On the SEO front, Kris is committed to the long term process and is already seeing results.

Says Kris, “Our website is much cleaner, faster, and our SEO has been growing each month. I now know where to look to track our growth, and appreciate the homework given by Rob and Carmen to continue to chip away at our SEO. What Works is patient, kind & knowledgeable: they are a team of people that get along and are committed to working with you to see your business grow.”

On an unrelated side note, the feature photo in this post is of Lucy and Lola, the What Works office dogs (who could have dramatically benefited from Raintown’s training – they look sweet but are little tyrants!).

Read more about Raintown Dog Training at https://whatworks.marketing/company-feature-raintown-dog-training/

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