Dog ownership has risen to an all-time high in recent times, creating a huge need for training services and Raintown Dog Training has stepped up to the challenge.

Launched in 2020 out of the founder’s desire to see more science-based dog training, Raintown has been going through the challenging process of setting up and growing a business in a time of significant demand.

While training the dogs is critical, equally important is training the owners! With that in mind, the Raintown team runs both group classes and private sessions with Vancouver dog-parents to help them understand how dogs learn and how to train them in areas ranging from puppy basics to aggression.

One surprising challenge of the dog care industry is that it’s unregulated, meaning some professionals have literally zero training. With this in mind, Raintown hires only certified trainers and places a big focus on client education so they can make smart choices for their pet.

Says founder Kris Hampton, “We do a lot of deconstructing training myths within our classes and teaching our clients the science behind behavior. We post content that busts myths that are harmful to dogs and dog parents, and we try very hard to make training with us really fun. We want our clients to practice it at home, to have grace for themselves and their dogs, and to know how to spot red flags when talking to daycares, trainers, groomers and walkers so that their dog is always in safe, experienced and educated hands.”

We’ve really enjoyed working with Raintown and are inspired by Kris’ approach to business. Says, Kris, “We love dogs, but we love people too. We really care about creating community amongst Vancouver’s dog lovers, and bringing some life and laughter into peoples’ lives through their pups. It’s truly a joy and a privilege to do what we do.”

We look forward to seeing Raintown Dog Training’s continued growth and success.

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