The What Works team started working with Waypoint several years ago when we were still working as the JumpStart Web division of PlusROI Online Marketing. 

It’s been an honour to watch them grow these past years, particularly as we overcame a few challenges along the way.


  • When Waypoint originally approached us they were still relatively new and didn’t have a company overseeing their web presence. They also had just suffered some technical issues that severely impacted their Search Engine Optimization and their presence in Google.

Client Goal:

  • Proactively get more counselling clients online.

What Works Strategy:

  • We started by fixing their website issues and giving them a strong platform to work from. Following that, we implemented a modest long term SEO program, as well as developing a Google Search Ads strategy.


Fortunately, we were able to diagnose the main technical issue right away, fix it and get Waypoint’s SEO results back on track. Following that we’ve seen gradual ongoing growth in SEO combined with “on demand” client leads through the Google ads program, something that’s been strong throughout and has seen a nice lift lately with a landing page revamp.

In George’s words:

“Before it was like walking in the dark. Since engaging with Carmen and Rob we know we have a trusted partner we can rely on. They are reliable, pleasant to work with and are true experts in their field and i’s shown in terms of our progress in terms of clicks, conversions and cost per conversion.”

We’ve been honoured to have been along for the ride so far and look forward to seeing what they achieve in the future!

Read more about Waypoint Counselling here.

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