Engagement Summary: Bloom Technical

WhatWorks started working with Bloom Technical in the months before our official launch and we’ve been pleased to be able to help generate measurable return on investment for them.


  • As a relatively new company, Bloom Technical wanted to expand their advertising reach and develop new prospects without breaking the bank and within a fairly tight timeframe.

Client Goal:

  • Generate new service inquiries & free consultation requests through the Bloom Technical website.

What Works Strategy:

  • Leveraging advanced targeting, launch an extremely narrow advertising campaign focused only on the subset of SR&ED searchers looking specifically for SR&ED consultants (and not just those researching the topic in general).


According to Jude Brown, Bloom Technical co-founder:

“Within 6 weeks we had our first client from their efforts. They did more optimizing and since that time we get a steady influx of clients from ads. We measure revenue vs spend. In our case each new client represents a 5 to 1 return on investment.

The biggest benefits are no stress and more revenue. Being able to focus on our core business rather than trying to keep up with the latest changes to SEO and AdWords.”

We’ve enjoyed seeing Bloom Technical’s progress so far and look forward to seeing them flourish in the future.

Read more about Bloom Technical at: https://whatworks.marketing/company-feature-sred-pioneers-bloom-technical/

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