Company Feature – SR&ED Pioneers: Bloom Technical

SR&ED (scientific research and experimental development) tax incentives are a big deal in Canada, allowing firms who invest in research and development to claim tax credits of almost two thirds of the staffing costs of this research.

Not surprisingly, these claims can get quite complex so a whole industry of SR&ED Consultants has emerged to help companies navigate this process.

Enter Bloom Technical.

Bloom technical saw the opportunity to stand out and make things simpler for clients and became the first and only company to offer:

  • Publicly posted pricing.
  • A SR&ED guarantee (that clients will receive a minimum of 75% of what they submit in their claim).

Their goals are simple, says co-founder Jude Brown, “We help Canadian businesses who conduct research as well as those businesses who are developing new products & processes.”

Founded in 2020 with a claims team with over 10 years experience, Bloom Technical is growing quickly but looking to keep things small enough to stay personal. Says Brown, “We’d like to triple in size to about 15 employees. We want to keep it small enough that it always feels like family and everyone truly enjoys what they do.”

We’ve enjoyed watching this company “bloom” and look forward to seeing great things from them.

You can check out Bloom Technical at:

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