A lot of websites have a single page where they highlight all their services on the one page.

While this may be okay if you get most of your business through referrals and traditional sales activities, it just doesn’t work if you want to win new clients through Google.

You have to remember that if somebody does find you through Google, they most likely don’t already know if you are a good fit for the service they are searching for. 

There are two main channels in Google that people will use to get to your website:

Search Engine Optimization

In this case, you are unlikely to show up in Google’s results for a service if you don’t have a specific page for that service. 

In practical terms that means that even if your company specializes in something like hot water tank installation, you’re very unlikely to show up if someone searches for “hot water tank installer” unless you have a dedicated (and optimized) service page for that topic.

Google Search Advertising

There are a bunch of reasons that having specific service pages makes your advertising work better:

  • If someone searches for a specific service (like the tank installation) and they land on a page that’s dedicated to the topic, they will know they are in the right place and will be way more likely to reach out to you for a quote or for service.
  • Google itself favors highly relevant results. If you have ads targeting a specific service, you’ll actually get clicks at a lower cost than if you have just a general page.

So, now that we know we need individual service pages, what should be on them?

Read on to learn how to build a great service page.

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