The most insightful online marketing posts we’ve read in the last few weeks.

Adam Steele provides a deep but comprehensible look at the black hat SEO technique that is used to manipulate search engine rankings. 

Link farms are a network of websites that link back to each other in order to artificially increase the number of backlinks to a particular website and mislead search engines. This may seem like an easy way to improve your search engine ranking, but in reality these link farms violate Google guidelines regarding link building.

Learn how to spot a link farm so that you can avoid them and protect yourself from inadvertently becoming involved with them.

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ChatGPT has taken the world by storm and now Google has responded with its own generative AI chatbot: Bard.

Bard can provide answers, summaries, and explore topics by summarizing information found on the internet, a lot like ChatGPT. Roger Montti takes a look at how Bard works, how Google plans to use Bard in search, and more.

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The Power of Local Business Shelfies: How User-Generated Content Can Boost Your Local SEO

Adding photos of the inside of your store and what you stock to your Google Business Profile can be a great way to reach potential customers that don’t have the time to read your local business categories, descriptions, or posts.

Miriam Ellis looks at how these shelfies can boost your online presence as well as where to promote the pictures for best results.

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