The most insightful online marketing posts we’ve read in the last few weeks.

Improving or removing content for SEO: How to do it the right way

SEO is more than just regularly posting new and relevant content, sometimes you have to go back and update or remove old content, but how do you know what to remove and what to update? This article by Danny Goodwin gives you a step-by-step guide to help you figure out what needs improving and what needs removing.

Goodwin provides methods for identifying low-performing content, tips on how to repurpose content, and more in a comprehensive guide to help you make informed decisions about content management.

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Top Local SEO Takeaways from MozCon 2023

As a leading SEO and marketing solutions company, Moz hosts an annual conference looking at various marketing topics. Miriam Ellis put together a thorough re-cap of all the local SEO tips and tricks from this year’s conference.

Ellis takes points from multiple speeches and explains them through a local SEO lens, including topics on categorizing links, how AI impacts SEO, and more.  

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Branded Search Traffic Share: Do You Dominate Branded SERPs?

Branded searches are more likely to result in a conversion and Neil Patel goes into detail on how to increase branded search traffic. Optimizing for branded keywords, creating valuable content, and maintaining a strong online presence are all ways of enhancing branded search traffic and Patel gives you tips and tricks on how to implement these key strategies in his latest article

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